If it is your first time visiting us, it has been over 6 months, or you have recently changed phone numbers, SCREENING WILL BE REQUIRED.

The SAFETY and well being of the ladies, as well as, our beloved established clientele, will always be TOP PRIORITY here at the Ranch. 

Discretion is paramount with us, as we strive to maintain respect for your privacy while keeping everyone safe at the same time. 

Assurance that everyone is safe, will lend to a MUCH MORE relaxing experience.   


IF you are a member of the above listed sites, and have NO posted Reviews there, OR if you are NOT a member of the above listed sites, you will be REQUIRED to fill in BOTH of the boxes below. 

** NOTE HELP:  IF the screening does not submit, try sending from a PC or laptop.

IF NO REPLY within 24hrs, Please Text 469.200.0777 **

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